Understanding your Pelvic Floor – an interview with Claire Mockridge

I was surprised shocked when I read an infographic recently which stated that 66% of women don’t know where their pelvic floor is and 40% of women don’t know how to exercise it.

But maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked.  Weeing when you cough, sneeze or run isn’t something us women openly talk about over a cup of coffee and a muffin in Starbucks.   When we’re pregnant we’re told to do our pelvic floor exercises but apart from that, when you talk about womens health and fitness, it’s a topic that is generally overlooked and ignored.

So I asked my friend and fitness colleague, Claire Mockridge, if she would be happy to talk to me about some of the basics of looking after your pelvic floor.  Claire is a pre & post natal fitness expert but, as you’ll learn in this video, we need to look after our pelvic floor for the whole of our life, not just during pregnancy and in the post natal period.

Here’s the video which is available on You Tube:

If you have any questions for Claire you can contact her via her website www.clairemockridge.com where you will also find lots of very useful fitness articles.  And of course you can contact me either by leaving a comment below or filling out the form on the ‘contact’ page.

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