Thank-You from the Gambia

About this time last year I saw a post on a local Facebook group which caught my eye.  The lady who posted was raising money for a small charity, Goal for the Gambia, who provide funds to children in The Gambia so that they can attend school.  This was something I’d wanted to do for a while so I followed the link and signed up to sponsor a child.

As a sponsor you can choose the age of the child you would like to support and, after a chat with my 7 year old, we decided to sponsor a boy of 5 or 6 so that we could pass on clothes & toys that my son had outgrown.  Within a month or so we received the details of the child we would be sponsoring, a little bit of information about his family and also a photo.

In January this year I asked my Pilates & Kettlercise class members if they would like to donate and item or two to be sent to the Gambia; not only for Alasana and his family but also for the local health clinic which is also supported by the charity.  I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity of my class members and was able to put together two huge parcels to send to Africa.  For the clinic we collected baby wipes and lotion, anti-bacteria hand wash, toothbrushes and paste, sanitary towels etc., and for Alasana’s family there was a lovely assortment of practical stuff such as cooking utensils, clothes pegs & tea towels plus a small gift for each of his brothers and sister and a rucksack stuffed with toys and clothes for Alasana himself.

I received an email from the charity organiser, Sandy, who personally delivered the package to Alasana’s family.  Apparently he was completely overwhelmed and really didn’t understand what was going on but was thrilled with his gifts!

Just last week I received some mail that truly made my day. 


And a lovely drawing from Alasana,

Alasana's drawing


Just £5.00 is all it takes to fund an education for this little boy and because it is done through such a small charity it is all very personal – it was amazing to see photos of Alasana sitting next to the gifts we had sent him.

I’ll be organising another collection early in 2016 but if you would like to sponsor a child then please visit where you can register.

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Conway hartman - January 27, 2016

So cute. I love her drawing.

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