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Homemade eye makeup remover

Homemade Eye Make-Up Remover

When we talk about our health, and particularly weight loss, there is a tendency to focus heavily on nutrition and exercise.  These two components contribute hugely towards a healthy lifestyle and successful weight loss because if we take the right approach, we can use our food and exercise choices to balance our hormones which is essential for long term sustainable weight loss.

However, we don’t just feed our bodies with the food we eat.  Our skin is our largest organ and we continuously ‘feed’ our bodies with the products we use on a daily basis.  The average woman uses 12 personal care/make-up products every day, exposing us to up to 168 different chemicals.   In one study the Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested a group of teenagers to find out which chemicals in personal care products were found in their bodies and discovered 16 different hormone altering chemicals.

Compounds such as parabans and pthalates are added to products to extend their shelf life but can disrupt hormonal balance.  Another chemical, triciosan, has been linked with increased allergy levels in children and the development of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.  It’s found, ironically, in hand sanitizing lotions.

So whilst many of the chemicals in our products may be harmless, we do know that some can have a negative effect.

Some time ago I started to develop tiny patches of eczema on my eye lids.  I tried applying coconut oil which helped a bit but it would always flare up again.  What I started to notice was that these flare ups would occur a day or two after I wore eye make up.  I was using a very cheap and cheerful eye make up remover at the time so I started to look for a more gentle alternative.  However, even the more expensive brands that were labelled as “hyper-allergenic” and for “sensitive skin” seemed to contain a lot of chemicals and also alcohol.  

A bit more online research led me to some websites where people share their own home-made cosmetic recipes so I thought I would have a go at making my own eye make-up remover.  Not only is it incredibly cheap to make, but it’s very effective and so gentle on your skin.

Homemade Eye Make-Up Remover
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  1. 2 Tbsp Rose water
  2. 2 Tbsp Almond oil
  3. 2 Tbsp water
  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a clean jar/container.
  2. Apply to the eye area with a damp pad/cotton wool ball.
  3. Rinse well with water afterwards.
  1. Make sure the rose water you buy doesn't contain alcohol. I bought some which is medicinal quality very cheaply from my local healthfood store.
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I came across this next product after watching an episode of Dragons Den a few months ago.  I’d never heard of coffee scrub before but a young couple had developed their product as she suffered with eczema and nothing on the market, except for steroid creams, helped.  I did a bit of hunting around and found this product on Etsy.  The ingredients are all natural: Arabica coffee, raw organic cold pressed coconut oil, FairTrade brown sugar, rock salt, cinnamon, ginger, eucalyptus oil, Vitamin E and it costs £6.99 for a 200g bag.


I LOVE this product.  It smells delicious – a mixture of coffee and eucalyptus but you can also detect the cinnamon and ginger.  The coconut oil leaves your skin feels lovely and soft but not greasy and it’s really helped improve the dry skin I get on my lower shins.  The only downside is that you’re left with a bit of a mess in the bath/shower afterwards but a quick rinse with the showerhead does the trick.

If you’re interested in trying this scrub, click here to go to the product page.

I really want to start using more natural products on my skin in the coming months.  But it needs to be affordable and sustainable so as I start getting low on a product I’ll start looking around for a suitable alternative and will share what I make/find with you all.

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