The Great Yogurt Debate

Image courtesy of Mister GC

Image courtesy of Mister GC

Do you ever find yourself stuck or confused when deciding what foods you should or shouldn’t eat?  There is so much information out there in the media, magazines, books and every week we are given conflicting advice on what is healthy and what isn’t.  And have you noticed that when you start talking about eating healthy/weight loss suddenly everybody is an ‘expert’ and has a strong opinion which they are more than willing to voice!

This was certainly the case when one of my Fit Pro friends posted a simple question on Facebook last week just before completing her online shopping:

“Fit Pro friends – Natural Greek Yoghurt – full fat or low fat?”

This simple question received over 200 replies (I kid you not) and provoked an extremely lively debate.  There were discussions about macros, calories (and whether they matter or not), chemicals and sugar, arguments about whether it should be organic, Greek (not Greek style) and whether we should be eating dairy anyway.  There were strong opinions, arguments, swearing, rudeness, passion and some tongue in cheek comments to keep the fascinated reader (me) entertained.  The commenter who said that you should only choose “Unicorn yogurt made by fairies with a magic spoon at the time of an Eclipse” received the most ‘likes’!!

Imagine if she had asked a question about bread – the responses might have brought Facebook crashing to it’s knees!

Here is a summary of the answers:

Full Fat: 22

Low or zero fat: 6

Full Fat AND organic: 2

Greek (and not ‘Greek style’): 1

Avoid all dairy: 1

Natural, but may be low fat: 2

Quark: 1

Raw: 1

Sitting on the fence: 7

So who’s right?  Most people were very definite with their response and the majority of those who responded were fitness professionals who have studied nutrition.  If so many people who ‘know’ about nutrition can’t agree, what hope is there for everyone else?  Well, as with most areas of nutrition, there is no one definitive answer.   Remember, we are all as unique on the inside as we are on the outside so what suits one person may not necessarily suit you, regardless of how many scientific studies have been done or how many Unicorns were involved!

Some people do better if they eliminate dairy from their diet, some will choose low fat because it has a higher protein to fat ratio while others will choose the rich, creamy full fat variety to help their body absorb fat soluble vitamins.  Choose what is right for YOU and if you’re getting the results that you want then be confident that you are making the right choice.

And although I didn’t add my opinion to the debate, for what it’s worth this is my view:

Keep it simple.  Eat whole, natural and unprocessed foods that our ancestors enjoyed; get plenty of sleep, fresh air and laughter and keep moving.


Author: Sharon (full fat) Snowdon