Banana & Cashew 'Ice Cream' -

Banana & Cashew ‘Ice Cream’

This is a great recipe if you love ice cream but not the calories!  It’s made with all natural ingredients with no added sugar.  If you don’t have cashew nut butter then feel free to use your favourite nut butter instead – it will taste just as good.  If you do make the chocolate sauce to go on top, drizzle it over your ice cream and then leave it for a minute.  It will freeze hard, a bit like Ice Magic from the 80′s (do they still make that stuff?)


Banana & Cashew 'Ice Cream'
Serves 1
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. For the ice cream
  2. 2 medium bananas, frozen (peel & chop before freezing!)
  3. 1 heaped dessert spoon cashew nut butter
  4. Splash of non-dairy milk (I used oat milk)
  5. For the chocolate sauce
  6. 1 tsp coconut oil
  7. 1 tsp cocoa powder
  8. Xylitol to taste
  1. Place all the ice cream ingredients in a tall, narrow container - a jug is ideal.
  2. Use a hand held blender to mix all the ingredients together. This will take a few minutes and if it's proving really difficult add a splash more milk.
  3. To make the sauce melt the coconut oil and mix in the cocoa powder.
  4. Add xylitol to taste and then drizzle over your ice cream.
  5. Sprinkle with a few flaked almonds and serve immediately.

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