Chai Apple Pie Cake

Chai apple pie cake smallI’ve always used my chai concentrate to mix drinks but at the weekend I did a quick Google search to get some inspiration for some different uses.  My search pulled up this recipe for Chai Apple Pie Cake

Now you might think it’s a bit strange that I’ve put a link to this recipe on my website, after all, this cake is made with white flour and plenty of sugar – not the best ingredients when you’re focusing on weight loss or optimising your health!  So let me explain my reasoning. 

I’m a strong believer in balance.  Balance in life is important and I believe it’s equally important when it comes to food.  Yes, we can all benefit from eating whole, unprocessed foods; a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, lean protein, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds is the best way to keep your body healthy.  But can we all do that 100% of the time?

Restrictive diets are everywhere.   Atkins, Paleo, Dukan etc.,  are all popular diets but they all ban certain foods altogether and whether that is doable in the long term is highly debatable.  Of course some people do have to restrict their diets, some quite severely.  Suffers of celiac disease have to remove all gluten from their diet and many people have food intolerances so for them removing the offending food can bring huge improvements in their general health and well being.   My decision to become a vegetarian 30 years ago means that my diet is restricted by choice not by necessity so yes, it is completely possible to remove certain foods from your diet and never touch them again.

But if that food doesn’t cause you ill health, if you don’t have a medical, religious or ethical reason for cutting it out, does that mean you shouldn’t enjoy it every now and then?  I don’t think it does.


“don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”


I love this quote.  Expecting yourself to perfectly follow a diet or to eat clean 100% of the time is asking too much and you’re setting yourself up for a fall.  We might be able to do it for a week, a month or maybe longer, but eventually we’ll hit a bump, an emotional hiccup or a strong craving will creep up on us and then we’re far more likely to binge on ‘banned’ food.

So last weekend I made this cake.  I had a couple of slices and then froze the rest for another day.  I enjoyed every mouthful without any guilt because I knew that my next meal would be healthy and nutritious.  My diet isn’t perfect but I’m confident that it is good.

I’d love to hear your views on this topic.  Do you agree with me or do you think ‘bad’ foods should be eliminated for good?

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